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A black hole attracts the matter of clouds and stars around, they accelerate, spiralize, create debris, reach very high temperature and emit strong radiation in the perpendicular direction. This is a very hot accretion disk. I and Giovanni Montani are just studying the magnetic field of accretion disks. In  the perpendicular direction the magnetic field has a strong oscillatory behavior thus creating many nozzles.I put  the draft  of the work, it is not finished


Draft of the paper on the construction of the Protosphera in Frascati, Enea



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I am very pleased that 484 different sites from all the part of the world have been visiting my web site  and commented very well on “Poesie”. All the links are involved in many different crafts and enterprises and I like it. Unfortunately some links are connected with pornography something that I do not accept since I am against it. I already cancelled the comments of visitors coming from these kind of sites and I will go on doing the same. So I declare this intention in order to save time.





Copertina Versi in Corsa


Risatellecon Biancamaria Frabotta, Empiria2016